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Understand the Grind Hard work. Dedication. Commitment.

UTG isn’t just a tagline, a mantra, or a motto. It’s a lifestyle approach and attitude that has allowed me to be in the position I am today. It’s a string of 3 powerful words that serve as a constant reminder to never give up. It’s going to be hard, yes. There are going to be times of strife and struggle. Nobody is promised anything – you have to work for it. I worked for it. I spent 4 years at UCLA and slid all the way to the end of the 2nd round in the NBA draft. But I kept working. I stayed ready. I stayed professional.

There are going to be barriers, challenges, and naysayers along the way - but you need to maintain focus. Outside opinions are irrelevant. Hard works breeds success.

Just remember: Keep moving And always, UNDERSTAND THE GRIND.


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